Great whites may have wiped out the biggest shark that ever lived


Megalodon sharks could reach up to three times the size of the largest great white ever recorded.
The megalodon — also known as the biggest shark ever — became extinct a million years earlier than previously thought, due to competition from much smaller great white sharks, according to new research. The full paper is published in the Journal of Life and Environmental Sciences.

A team of scientists claim that the giant prehistoric predator, as seen in countless documentaries and movies such as “The Meg,” starring Jason Statham, died out 3.6 million years ago, rather than 2.6 million years ago.
Earlier research relied on global fossil samples and one study linked their extinction to a supernova which was thought to have unleashed cosmic radiation that caused increased cancer rates among large animals.
However, researchers led by vertebrate paleontologist Robert Boessenecker with the College of Charleston, South Carolina, re-evaluated existing records and found a different patte

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