12 Signs That Your Partner Is Truly, Madly And Deeply In Love With You

True love is as tangible through actions as it is a feeling from within. If you’re one of those people that look for the proof in the pudding, then hold on to your spoon and dig in to these 12 signs that your partner is madly and deeply in love with you.

1.They Don’t Guard Their Phone

We all have a right to privacy, which includes the contents and activities of a phone. In today’s tech world of doing business online, it’s not uncommon to have passwords, fingerprint IDs, and so forth to protect sensitive information and even social media accounts, but it’s odd to see a partner guard their phone at home like it’s about to sprout legs and run away.

This can signal that your partner is hiding something or just doesn’t trust you. A loving partner chooses to retain their privacy naturally by being confident that there’s nothing to hide and trusting that you’ll respect their privacy boundaries.

2. They Use More Personal Means Than Text To Communicate With You

Again, a tech world means a lot of texting and typed communications and messages these days for maximum efficiency and minimal effort. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it also isn’t as personal as taking the time to call you and either hear your voice or leave you a message.

Leaving a message shows that your partner put more effort into staying connected to you than texting a couple emojis.

3. They’re Willing To Share Their Food

Sharing food is a timeless nonverbal and intimate communicative of deep feelings of love. Perhaps, it’s this intimacy that makes so many people uncomfortable with others taking or offering food directly from their plate unless they have a very deep connection with them?

Food sharing and feeding are fantastic signs that your partner absolutely adores you and is very comfortable with you.

4. You See The Small Random Acts Of Devotion

Most partners make the grand gestures for the obligatory events like birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas, but does your partner make the simple gestures that say “I love you” on days they’re not obligated to do it?

Maybe they leave you notes that make your day start or end better, save you the last piece of candy, or have your bath run for you after a long, hard day? It’s quiet, little, unexpected, and often seemingly insignificant things like those that can have the loudest decibel of love.

5. They’re Willing To Say Yes To Your Ideas

Whether it be an extracurricular activity or pick of television, rarely does a couple have the exact same interests and preferences, and we often just get more and more set in our own ways and unwilling to try new things with age.

Loving partners use these opportunities to learn more about each other and solidify a lasting bond. You may not want to go to that knife trade show and he may not want to go to that cooking class, but each of you go because you’d rather spend time together in the new than apart in the old.

6. They’re Willing To Change When Need Be

While it’s unhealthy to change yourself completely to please others, we all have those facets of our personality, habits, and behaviors that aren’t the best version of ourselves and can hold us back from a happy relationship. Let’s say that you’re an ‘early bird gets the worm gal’ who likes organization and he’s a late night owl accustomed to living in a bachelor pad.

Loving partners are willing to meet in the middle – he goes to bed a little earlier and you a little later so that there’s room for cuddle time, and you overlook a stray sock as he makes an effort not to leave coffee rings on the table. Old habits may die hard, but they do eventually die when you don’t want to hurt the one you love.

7. They’re With You Through The Dullest Of Dull

A good many ladies aren’t hyped up for all day sporting events. Most fellas aren’t too hyped up for an all day shop-a-thon. Yet, loving partners indulge their significant other and go along with these dull moments.

If they’re madly in love, these dull moments aren’t even so dull because they’ll begin to get involved, ask questions, offer opinions, and develop a sincere interest in it because it’s something you enjoy.

8. They Don’t Run When The Going Gets Tough

Life is full of some ugly, terrifying, and hard moments. Are these moments labeled as me and you or as us? We don’t come stamped with a relationship resume on our backs alerting partners that we will get fired in two months, break an ankle in a year, and get colon cancer in five years.

Yet, it’s these tough moments that define love, turning easy to say words into hard-earned sweat equity. They give you a chance to see if your partner will run away from you or run to you.

9. There’s No Silent Treatment In Disagreements

Ironically enough, most people have a relationship ideal that’s all about that perfect someone in which an awkward silence doesn’t exist. You can sit for hours quietly without feeling the need for small talk, feeling perfectly safe, and not feeling like anything is missing.

Yet, quite the opposite is true in those non-harmonious moments of life. You want a partner that doesn’t pout and give you the silent treatment verses giving you open and honest dialogue when you need to talk a disagreement out.

10. Your Status And Place Are Clear

There’s usually a transition period between dating and couple status, but there should be complete transparency once you decide you’re a couple. They’ll introduce you to friends and coworkers, update their social media accounts, not be afraid of public displays of coupledom, and so forth.

In other words, you’ll feel they’re proud of you, not ashamed or hiding you.

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